Thursday, August 6, 2009

by Sanford Shugart

There are times I need to pinch myself
to prove this isn’t just a dream,
this work that reaches right down
through the rich loam of rhythm and harmony
to the roots of joy and shakes
the whole tree of my existence
with laughter and apprehension that
no matter how hard we play
this can’t last.
And, of course, there are times when it
feels like going through the motions.
Not that we’re phoning it in, but
there just isn’t anything happening.
The notes are all there in the
correct combination’s, the right order,
but there’s no connection, no groove,
no conversation, no jazz…
But if I keep playing, keep trusting,
the hollow performance eventually serves
only to intensify the real music,
when it happens. And it will happen
When the planets align, or the gods condescend,
Or the fundamental particles resonate with
The wave of the co-creation
Which is to say
it feels, I feel so incredibly
lucky to be here in the endlessly unfolding work;
So lucky not to be going
through the motions of all the other
jobs and careers and options
to which I might have been resigned;
So lucky to be here with you
who also know the rush when it
all comes together;
So lucky to have learned, the more I practice,
The luckier I get.

© Sanford C. Shugart

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