Welcome to Another Year

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m so pleased to welcome you to a new academic year. For those of us who love the college environment, there is nothing quite like the feel of a brand new year in front of us. We have much to celebrate as we look back at the past year, and need to remind ourselves of our achievements and our students’ successes. It’s important to pause to acknowledge all that we have achieved even in a time when resources have been very limited. We have kept our eye on our mission, and our students continue to benefit and make us proud.

I have completed ten years of service as president this year, which offers an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned in that decade and how we will move forward together. I will be taking extra time this year to listen to those who care about the future of Valencia and our community so that we can make good decisions about how the college can best serve in the coming decade. The environment in which we operate has undergone remarkable changes in the past ten years, and Valencia not only has to adapt, but we need to stay ahead of the curve to shape our future to the greatest extent possible.

Welcome back as we celebrate our extraordinary academic community and prepare ourselves for the vital work of Valencia’s forty-fourth year of service. Thank you for all you do every day to provide our students with one of the best learning environments in the nation.

Sanford C. Shugart

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